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What is Six Sigma? – “Six Sigma” is a set of principles, based upon statistical analysis, used to increase the efficiency of any process by reducing variability or defects. The use of Six Sigma was made popular in 1995 when General Electric implemented Six Sigma as an integral part of its business strategy. Since then, Six Sigma has been widely adopted by industry and has proven itself to be a robust method of process improvement.

How Six Sigma training benefits you – A Six Sigma certification is highly sought after because of its immediate benefits to a person’s career. By earning a Six Sigma certification you could increase your professional responsibility by becoming a leader of Six Sigma related projects and potentially add significant measurable value to your organization.

Objectives of Training:

  • Describe the objectives of Six Sigma
  • Describe the relationship between variation and sigma
  • Recognize some lean six sigma concepts
  • Recognizse the lean six sigma implementation model
  • Describe the general roles and responsibilities in lean six sigma

Clcik here for Training Video

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