Whether you want to further your Six Sigma training to achieve a Black or Green Belt or you are totally new to the quality-management strategy, you need reliable guidance.

The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition shows you, step by step, how to integrate this profitable approach into your company’s culture.

“Best practices in Six Sigma are continuously evolving, just as Six Sigma itself evolved from earlier best practices in quality improvement. …This fourth edition…(features) expanded materials on innovation, strategic development, Lean, and constraint management. …You’ll notice many references to free online materials within the text, such as Excel file templates that can be used for analyzing projects, or videos that provide an in-depth narrative on specific topics.

Additional links will be added over time to further extend the learning potential offered by the text, so be sure to regularly check back into the online site at www.mhprofessional.com/SSH4.” —From the Preface by Paul Keller, author of the third and fourth editions.

This fourth edition of The Six Sigma Handbook covers all the basic statistics and quality improvement tools of the Six Sigma management system. This new edition reflects the developments in Six Sigma in recent years and will help maintain the book’s position as the leading comprehensive guide to Six Sigma. The new edition has been updated to include:

  • Two online quizzes for Six Sigma certification, one for Green Belt candidates and one for Black Belt candidates;
  • Links to five videos that walk you through specific processes, such as Minitab functions, statistical process control, and how to read a Pareto chart;
  • Fully incorporated coverage of Lean methodologies;
  • eBook version includes direct links to these online tools.

Co-written by an award-winning contributor to the practice of quality management and an accomplished Lean Six Sigma trainer, this hands-on guide features:

  • Building the responsive Six Sigma organization
  • Recognizing and capitalizing on opportunity
  • Data-driven management
  • Maximizing resources
  • Project management using DMAIC and DMADV
  • The define phase
  • The measure phase
  • Process behavior charts
  • Measurement systems evaluation
  • The analyze phase
  • The improve/design phase
  • The control/verify phase


Paul Keller, has developed and implemented successful Six Sigma and Quality Improvement programs in service and manufacturing environments. Paul has:

  • Developed and managed systems for overall operations, including quality improvement, product development, partner relations, marketing, sales, order fulfillment and technical support.
  • Provided primary statistical expertise to our customer base, as well as internal Software Development, Sales and Technical Support teams.
  • Developed and facilitated Six Sigma related courses, including Quality Management, Statistical Process Control (SPC), and Designed Experiments, to hundreds of our companies in a wide variety of industries including Roche Pharmaceuticals, Core3 Inc. Business Process Outsourcing, US Army, MacDermid Printing Solutions, Boeing Satellite, Dow Corning, Antec, Pfizer, Warner Lambert, and many others.

Paul has authored a number of well-received publications, including:

2013: Co-authored Six Sigma Handbook: Fourth Edition (New York: McGraw Hill). Authored series of instructional videos for McGraw-Hill’s Access Engineering online program.

2012: Co-authored Handbook for Quality Management, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Organizational Excellence (New York: McGraw Hill).

2011: Authored SPC Demystified (New York: McGraw Hill).

2010: Authored Six Sigma Demystified: Second Edition (New York: McGraw Hill).

2009: Co-authored Six Sigma Handbook: Third Edition (New York: McGraw Hill).

2005: Author Six Sigma Demystified (New York: McGraw Hill). Over 40,000 copies sold of first edition.

2003: Technical Editor Quality Engineering Handbook (Tucson: QA Publishing, LLC).

2002: Contributing Author Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices (Boca Raton: St. Lucie Press).

2001: Author Six Sigma Deployment (Tucson: QA Publishing, LLC); Co-author Six Sigma Study Guide (Tucson: QA Publishing, LLC).

2000: Contributing Author Handbook for Quality Technicians and Mechanical Inspectors (Tucson: QA Publishing, LLC); Contributing Author Handbook for Quality Management (Tucson: QA Publishing, LLC).

1992-present: Numerous articles in professional trade magazines,conference proceedings, and Quality America’s Knowledge Center.

Paul also specialized in Quality Engineering in the Masters Program at the University of Arizona. He applied these techniques as a Quality Manager for a consumer goods manufacturer (1990-1992), and an SPC Director at an industrial products manufacturer (1987-1990). In these roles, he developed company-wide Quality Systems to meet the demands of a diverse customer base, including the automotive and aerospace industries.