This practical guide, written by Paul Keller, is used for training groups of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt and Champions, for self-study to master the tools and methodology of Six Sigma, or as an easy to use reference source for Six Sigma personnel. Many examples are provided for service processes. Detailed examples are provided using Minitab and MS Excel.

  • Part One focuses on the deployment strategy, including the management commitment necessary for success, the selection of personnel to lead the effort, and the selection of projects aligned with your business strategy.
  • Part Two describes the DMAIC methodology for project implementation. Each stage is discussed in detail, with its objectives, detailed examples, and recommended tools for application. A sample DMAIC project is highlighted through each section.
  • Part Three provides details on each of the necessary Tools for Six Sigma, presented in alphabetical order for easy reference, with clear descriptions of When to Use, Methodology, and Interpretation. Calculations and assumptions are provided as needed. The Second Edition has been expanded to include detailed examples of their use in popular software such as MS Excel, Minitab, and Green Belt XL.
  • Each chapter in Parts One and Two concludes with a quiz to challenge the reader, with detailed solutions at the end of the book. A Final Exam (with one hundred questions) tests the readers knowledge of the deployment strategy, tools and methods.