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This is a two-day, live interactive simulation and workshop designed to achieve breakthrough thinking with everyone who is critical to process improvement

From senior executives to salespeople, from support staff to the service professionals who deal directly with customers.

During the program, team members directly apply the principles of process improvement.

They experience what customer focus means in a real-life setting, and the pay-offs that come when you really pay attention to customer needs.

They see how to change a process, apply the tools of quality, and get dramatic improvement.

The Simulation — Accelerates Learning

At the start of the day, participants learn that a courier company faced withthe pressures of competition.

Since we’ve all been customers of couriercompanies, we know how a courier company works and the demands we place on them.

The processes are easy to understand and diagram.

Provides Hands-on Training

The simulation consists of three 10- to 20-minute rounds that represent three production days at the company.

Before each round, structured problem-solving techniques are introduced.

Between the rounds, participants apply the techniques. Just as in real life, some solutions work,and some don’t.

The importance of thorough analysis proves itself again andagain.

By the end of Round Three, teams realize amazing improvements in cycle time, usually with zero defects.

The excitement is high because the teams have made quantum leaps.

Learn by Doing

The Simulation, and our overall approach to training, is based on over 20years’ experience in the workplace.

Our experience shows that people learnbest by directly and immediately applying what they have learned.

With this Simulation, they learn and internalize with significantly less time and effort.

This is truly a breakthrough experience.

Contact us for more information

1. Call 404-793-0778

2. Email us at Support@mysixsigmatrainer.com

3. Free45 minutes consultation at calendly.com/jwholbus