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Jennifer Williams Holbus

Jennifer Williams Holbus


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Jennifer Williams Holbus is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt received from GE in 2006.

She is the President of and Leading Trainer, Lean Six Sigma Mentor & Coach and Consultant on the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Jennifer has close to 20 years of experience performing as a process improvement expert, and extensive experience in simplification and Six Sigma Initiatives, working with numerous companies, including General Electric, GE Capital, GE Power & Water, Vivendi, Diageo, Universal Music Group and Joseph E. Seagram & Sons.

Jennifer holds an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree in International Business from the University of Miami and a BSc. degree in Accounting & Finance from Florida Atlantic University. She has successfully developed Six Sigma deployment strategies and training for Risk Management and Finance Processes, Manufacturing and Business Process Improvement.

Her broad experience across many technologies helped her gain insight on how to apply Six Sigma & Lean methods to Business Processes.

Training Customization:

MySixSigmaTrainer recognizes that every business is different and therefore we can customize our training material to meet the specific requirements of each client.

We can mix and match different types of training such as live training, online training, manuals, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Also, we can add specific topics or examples that pertain to each client.

About a month before the date of training, MySixSigmaTrainer will meet meet your organization to review your training requirements and desired Lean Six Sigma project examples. From there we will update the training material to fit your needs.

Why Choose MySixSigmaTrainer?

  • IASSC LogoIASSC Accredited Training Organization
  • Comprehensive Product OfferingsComprehensive Product Offerings
  • Competitive PricingCompetitive Pricing
  • What does IASSC Accreditation Mean?

    The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is a Professional Association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the Lean Six Sigma Community. IASSC is the only independent third-party certification body within the Lean Six Sigma Industry that does not provide training, mentoring and coaching or consulting services. IASSC exclusively facilitates and delivers centralized universal Lean Six Sigma Certification Standards testing and organizational Accreditation's.

    Lean Six Sigma Curriculum

    Our material covers all sections of the IASSC "Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge" for each belt:
    • Design
    • Measure
    • Analyze
    • Improve
    • Control

    Our training includes real life examples, exercises in Minitab or SigmaXL, and practice questions. At the client’s request, MySixSigmaTrainer can also customize the base training package to include specific examples and concepts which pertain to the client’s business.

    Accredited Instructors

    MySixSigmaTrainer employs instructors that certified Master Black Belts and have extensive experience and training in Lean Six Sigma and all hold the "Accredited Training Associates" title from IASSC.

    What does this mean?
    They are recognized as being qualified to deliver consistent, high-quality, robust Lean Six Sigma training in a manner consistent with the Lean Six Sigma industry standards characterized by IASSC.

  • Comprehensive Product Offerings

    MySixSigmaTrainer overs a variety of professional training formats to meet your needs including: Online Training, Live Training, and Webinars as well as the IASSC certification exams for Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belts:

    Six Sigma Certifications

  • Competitive Pricing

    MySixSigmaTrainer provides an excellent professional training experience for the most affordable price. We are able to do so by staffing experienced and competent instructors, developing high quality training material and proactively customizing our product to meet our client’s specific needs. By the start of training all the work and preparation is complete resulting in an efficient training experience.

    Included in Your Training Package:
    • Tailored Class Schedule to tit client's timeline for Yellow, Green or Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Training
    • Free access to Lean Six Sigma Online Training for 12 months
    • Certified Master Black Belt Instructors
    • IASSC Accredited Instructor
    • IASSC Accredited Training Material
    • Customization of Training Material
    • Lean Six Sigma Training Manual for each Trainee
    • Minitab/SigmaXL Examples
    • Reinforcement Exercises
    • Practice LSS certification test questions
    • Students also have the option to become certified Lean Six Sigma Practitioners following completion of one or more projects under the coaching and mentorship of a certified Master Black Belts. Ask us about our project certification options.

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