Decision-Making and Effective Execution

Have you ever had the urge to simply cut through the “business-as usual” way of doing things, ask a decision and get it done ?

If you have, then you understand the spirit of MSST.

What is My Six Sigma
Trainer Consulting

With Lean Six Sigma you can learn how to identity problems in your process and how to improve productivity & results. A “Belt” signifies experience. Practitioners are given a “Belt” title (Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt) that corresponds to their level of experience.Developed at General Electric during the “Jack Welch era,” Work-Out is a hybrid problem-confrontation / change-acceleration process that calls a “time out” from typical bureaucratic practices and behaviors and substitutes continuous focus, efficient decision-making and accelerated implementation.

The GE Work-Out change acceleration process provides a comprehensive framework within which to overcome barriers of rank, function, geography, bureaucracy and culture to foster what GE originally called “boundaryless behavior.”

Lean Six Sigma Trainer Consulting

By effectively and efficiently aligning people across organizational boundaries, Work-Out not only lowers resistance to change, but also mobilizes commitment and support for high-priority business-improvement activity. Properly executed, the Work-Out change acceleration process can create the kind of momentum and efficient implementation that improves business results… now.

How It Works

Critical Business Issues

Representatives of customers, suppliers or other business partners, where appropriate – thoroughly analyze a critical business issue and develop recommendations for improvement.

Accelerated Leadership

Relevant executive decision-makers must enter the forum and render judgment on all team recommendations clearly, publicly and “on the spot.”

Hi-Performance Training

Public leadership endorsement, serves as a solid foundation for Work-Out teams as they launch into Work-Out’s accelerated implementation phase.

How It’s Done

We can guide you successfully through the Work-Out Phases pictured below so that your business can achieve the kind of results for which Work-Out is so well-known.

1. Design


2. Conduct


(1 to 4-day session)Neutral 3rd party faciilitation of:

3. Implement


Building Client Self-Sufficiency

One of our valued clients has said the following about us:

“The major difference between Gagnon Associates and other consultants I’ve worked with: you wanted us to learn the process. You retained no secrets to assure future employment. You measure your success by the independence of your client.” the full testimonial
Mark A. Shaver, Director of Operations, Australia
Joy Mining Machinery
New South Wales, Australia

This kind of testimonial is extremely gratifying to us, of course, and nowhere is it truer than of our approach to GE Work-Out. Beginning at General Electric during the Jack Welch era and continuing right up to the present, our GE Work-Out training sessions have ranged from large workshops, accommodating scores of individuals over several years to individual, one-time sessions for as few as eight trainees. In all cases, the objective of our GE Work-Out training sessions is always the same: building our clients’ self-sufficiency in the GE Work-Out methodology.

Building Residual Capability

The following graphic illustrates how we transfer GE Work-Out skills from our experienced Associates to individuals within our client organizations. Building our clients’ capabilities in this way allows them to continue to generate improved business results on their own long after their engagement with us is over.

Lead Consultant

Facilitator Training

Day 1: Start 8:30am

Adjourn 5:00pm

Day 2: Start 8:30am

Adjourn 5:00pm

Team Consultant

Facilities Training

Day 1: Start 8:30am

Adjourn 5:00pm

Day 1: Start 8:30am

Adjourn 5:00pm

Day 2: Start 8:30am

Adjourn 5:00pm

Please note: Client situations can vary greatly and some tailoring to individual needs is always adviable. Consequently, these outline should be viewed as representative examples only.

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