SIXSIGMALAB: Access to A Dynamic Interactive LAB Environment to Practice Six Sigma Project


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Get access to a simulated environment where you can practice your Lean Six Sigma Skills in a full simulated Lean Six Sigma Project.

Navigate on your own, listen to the video interviews of VOC, complete the exercises and templates.

Unlimited email questions to your assigned MBB instructor.


  • Best suited for trained Green Belts or Green Belts in training.
  • Includes some advanced topics for trained Black Belts.
  • Also serves as a great practical introduction for executives and champions that are new to six sigma.

Based on the successful results of an actual hospital lab project!!

Dive Into Process Improvement With a Virtual Trip to MySixSigmaLab!!

Utilize the DMAIC process with a flexible and adaptive simulation focused on solidifying comprehension and application.

MySixSigmaLab s an adaptive simulation designed to allow you the ability to marry real-world scenarios with process improvement lessons. You will explore a virtual workspace and learn how to collect data, observe operations, get to the root cause of problems and impact change. Set in a realistic healthcare lab, participants can walk through the DMAIC process asking the critical questions needed to identify problems and theorize solutions with Lean Six Sigma tools.

Key Concepts Learned:

Process Mapping, CTQCs, MSA, Takt Time, Process Capability, Root Cause Analysis, Balance Capacity, Solution Selection, Corrective Action Plan, Control Plan

WHAT IS MySixSigmaLab?

MySixSigmaLab is a virtual case study and instructive simulation for the classroom where students learn process improvement tools in the context of completing a realistic project.


  • Low-cost practice solution
  • Realistic replication of a clinical healthcare laboratory process
  • Practice-based case study cements tool use and project completion skills
  • Entirely online


  • 27 hands-on activities and datasets
  • Case study employs a single story line and is based on an actual project
  • Flexible learning objectives for introductory to advanced levels
  • Includes all necessary analysis tools

MySixSigmaLab is an interactive case study for process improvement training. Based on the successful results of an actual hospital lab project, SixSigmaLab is a data-rich learning tool that instructors can use to teach process improvement concepts in a safe environment.

MySixSigmaLab is a comprehensive, flexible instructional simulation, complete with datasets. Perfect to provide Champions, process owners and Belt students with a solid foundation in process improvement, but lack the time to build a realistic, healthcare-based case study from scratch, thenMySixSigmaLab is for you.

A Process Problem All Can Relate To:

MySixSigmaLab is based on a Hospital that is facing a serious quality issue: the turn-around-time for lab tests is far too long, especially for “stat” orders.

Based on a project from a a real customer, MySixSigmaLab delivers a realistic experience from the initial problem definition through to the final implementation of improvements.

A Focus on the Interconnectivity of Tools:

Working in MySixSigmaLab, students learn how to collect data from the process, analyze the data, implement improvement actions, evaluate the results, and complete the project. They learn critical thinking skills and come to understand how the outputs of various analytical tools can be linked together and used across the phases of the entire project.

An Interactive, Flexible Environment

MySixSigmaLab uses an intuitive visual process map and navigation menu, presenting dozens of process improvement tools and objectives as you would use them when completing a real project.

The Tools You Use:

MySixSigmaLab presents the process improvement tools as you would use them together and in sequence when completing a real project.

DEFINE: Critical Questions, Organize Project, Collect VOC, Map the Process, Define Requirements
MEASURE: Critical Questions, Collect Data, Evaluate Measure System, Prioritize Defects, Examine Process Behavior, Calculate Takt Time, Determine Capability Level
ANALYZE: Critical Questions, Interview Technicians, Stratify Data, Investigate Relationships, Examine Workflow, Develop Theories of Root Cause
IMPROVE: Critical Questions, Interview Operators, Brainstorm Improvements, Pilot Improvements, Evaluate Pilot Results, Select Improvements, Implement Solutions
CONTROL: Critical Questions, Confirm Improvements, Verify Results, New Standard Work, Create a Control Plan, Project Closeout