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Located Atlanta, GA, My Six Sigma Trainer (MSST) was founded in 2013 and has rapidly grown to become one of  the industry leading global online provider of Lean Six Sigma Training Products.

The MSST Products are developed by industry leading licensor and distributor of Lean Six Sigma Intellectual Property and utilized by thousands of professionals and leading Fortune 1000 Corporations to deliver Master
Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt, Executive, Champion and Team Members training to thousands of trainees in multiple industries within various disciplines and have contributed a significant bottom-line financial impact for many organizations.

Our Mission
My Six Sigma exists to provide training to the Process Improvement community. MSST serves as a center which promotes the use of process improvement for the purpose of education and knowledge sharing. It is our
commitment to provide economically feasible, High-Quality assets to the community in order to expand and improve the footprint of Lean Six Sigma in our world today.

Operating Space
My Six Sigma Trainer is a leader in in the Industryprovideing online, live virtual and corporate training and consulting to clients. Our customers use our products to build and enhance their Lean Six Sigma training and deployment efforts.

My Six Sigma Trainer is known for its high-quality products, simple ordering and registration process.  Whether you are an individual, group, Small, Medium or Large-size Organization, the My Six Sigma eLearning products are the Higher Quality and Lower Costthan most online Lean Six Sigma program in the industry. 

eLearning Course Content
For organizations with their own Learning Management Systems we’ve come up with a White Label Content Solution.
This allows your organization the ability to publish our world-class courses into your own Learning Management System.
Our content is the most trusted and popular Lean Six Sigma content on the face of the earth, and to make matters
better, you can White Label and even customize it to your own specific needs!
eLearning Suite
This solution couples our industry leading course content with a fully hosted and fully managed Learning Management
System (LMS) branded specifically to your organization.
Our solution is hosted behind an enterprise grade-firewall and with the latest security and daily backups. Unlimited users,
1 terabyte of bandwidth allowance per month and plenty of storage. Our White Label eLearning System & Content
Solution encompasses everything necessary to deliver online Lean Six Sigma training within a matter of days!
OSSS Turnkey eLearning Solutions

Learning Management System
Clients who choose to use our eLearning System Solution receive one of the top performing Learning Management Systems
in the industry. Most Learning Management Systems are complicated, clunky and expensive, packed to the tilt with
every feature that could possibly be conceived of. Our Learning Management System tackles online training from an entirely
different perspective: A focus on Simplicity, Smart Functionality and most importantly People.
Create user accounts, organize people into groups, assign courses & assessments.
* No restrictions on users. Add as many users and administrators as you require! Add users manually or upload tons of
them. You can even allow users to register themselves or distribute invite codes for access.
* Its easy to organize. Create and use Groups to organize people into divisions, departments, companies, schools,
classes or any other “buckets” that make sense to you, its your call and we make it easy to do.
* Creating and managing accounts is simple. Set permissions and roles in a snap. You specify who can see certain
courses, people and groups. Approve, delete, archive and re-classify your users as needed.
* Make assignments and get training done. We make it easy to assign courses to people so you can be sure the right
training gets done on time. Set due dates and expiration dates. Automatic notifications and reminders keep users and
administrators up-to-date.
Centralize records, view instant reports, track progress.
* Track all that goes on. Our LMS centralizes all data related to your training program activity into logical universally useable
reports. Access people’s performance, check on courses and assessments. Our LMS delivers high-level and detailed
reporting that will keep you in the know.
* Export your data. Need to build custom reports, no problem. Download your data and build away. Export in to excel for
manipulation or produce pdf’d reports to take with you.
We guard your data, courses and people with Enterprise grade security.
* Your account is in good hands! Every LMS account includes SSL security, enterprise-level redundant firewalls, multilevel
intrusion protection and DoS/DDoS protection. Our enterprise-level web application firewall (WAF) actively protects
your account from sophisticated hacker attacks. Plus we backup your account on a daily basis.
Last but not least...Give it your own unique touch, even our LMS will reflect your own brand.
OSSS Turnkey eLearning Solutions
Lean Six Sigma Course Content
The Open Source Six Sigma Courses are structured to teach the problem-solving methodology itself so trainees gain an
in-depth understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process and how to apply the methodology to projects as opposed to
how to use a specific set of tools.
The materials cover theory and are supplemented with step-by-step examples, using Minitab or SigmaXL, depending on
the version, when applicable. Trainees build a thorough understanding of when and why they should perform an action
(2 sample t-test for example) how to perform that action using Minitab or SigmaXL and how to properly interpret the
result of the Minitab or SigmaXL output in both a "statistical" and "practical" sense.
This process in itself creates standardized learning for all trainees along with enough degrees of freedom to integrate
company specific examples and supporting content as deemed appropriate by our clients. All of our courses include indepth
The Open Source Six Sigma White Label online training courses consist of Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt Training.
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course
- Consist of approximately 180 hours of online training, a total of 100 self-assessment questions presented at the end of
each phase of training, various memory joggers to aid students in the learning process are presented throughout.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course
- Consist of approximately 120 hours of online training, a total of 80 self-assessment questions presented at the end of
each phase of training, various memory joggers to aid students in the learning process are presented throughout.
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course
- Consist of approximately 40 hours of online training, a total of 50 self-assessment questions presented at the end of
each phase of training, various memory joggers to aid students in the learning process are presented throughout.
OSSS Turnkey eLearning Solutions
Alignment & Standards
We handle compliance so our clients don’t have too! Our eLearning solutions meet the compliance standards of the Lean
Six Sigma industry as well as the eLearning industry.
Alignment to Lean Six Sigma Industry Standards
Open Source Six Sigma is an Accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) as an
Accredited Curriculum Provider meaning the OSSS Belt courses are highly aligned to the IASSC Bodies of Knowledge. In
addition a study conducted in coordination with Bearing Point Consulting determined that the OSSS curriculum matched
the DMAIC ASQ Body of Knowledge to a degree greater that 90%.
Alignment to eLearning Industry Standards
All OSSS White Label eLearning products comply with the SCORM standards as defined by ADL.
The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative is a collaborative effort to harness the power of information technologies
to deliver high-quality, easily accessible, adaptable, and cost-effective education and training. ADL uses structured
and collaborative methods to convene multi-national groups from industry, academia, and government who help to define
the specifications and standards for the learning industry and then develop tools and content to those standards.
ADL was established in 1997 to standardize and modernize the delivery of training and education. The Department of
Defense (DoD) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Training Readiness and Strategy oversees the ADL Initiative.
The ADL Initiative developed the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM®).
OSSS Turnkey eLearning Solutions
Course Content Customization
Most of our clients choose use our “off-the-shelf” course content with a white label customization. However we offer the
options of making significant modifications to our course content and even adding non-Open Source Six Sigma courses
into your LMS. Here is how it works.
White Label Customization
Open Source Six Sigma Partners enjoy a true White Label Solution! The only thing of its kind in the Lean Six Sigma
Industry white label allows our White Label Clients to use our Intellectual Property under their own brand. We’ll customize
our standard courses including the integration of our Clients Logo, Copyright Marks and modified Title and closing page
for $750 for Black Belt, $650 for Green Belt, $500 for Yellow Belt, or you can do it yourself for free and return the
materials to us for rendering and publication to your LMS.
Advanced Customization
When our clients choose to make a significant adjustment to our materials such as changing the way a certain topic is
taught they usually do it on their own and simply return the contents to us in order to publish SCORM packages for use
in the LMS. Whenever the content of a course is modified it needs to be re-rendered into a SCORM compliant packages.
We provide this rendering and publication service to our clients for a fee of $500 per course.
Intellectual Property Ownership
The Open Source Six Sigma Partner License handles the ownership of the Intellectual Property which always resides with
Open Source Six Sigma. However our client who choose to implement advanced customizations may create “Larger
Works” and “Modified” versions of an Open Source Six Sigma course. Under this condition Open Source Six Sigma
maintains ownership of these by-products. However through provisions dictated within our License Agreement clients
may replace the Open Source Six Sigma copyright with their own copyright. Partners are required to make all larger
works and modified version available to Open Source Six Sigma for our records through a private secured Project
Management System.
For Partners who utilize our eLearning System Solution adding non-Open Source Six Sigma courses is easy! Each
course added will simply increase the monthly LMS fee by $50 per month.
OSSS Turnkey eLearning Solutions
Program Pricing
Each Solution has its own fixed setup fee while both solutions share the same utilization fee structure shown in the table
Solution 1: eLearning System
One time setup fee of $5495 plus a $150 per month training system fee.
Solution 2: eLearning Content
One time setup fee of $5495.
Utilization Fees
Our pricing is based on the utilization of our courses so if you are not using our courses you are not paying. In addition
we have broken our utilization fees into three tiers to accommodate volume discounts. All clients start at the 1st tier,
quantities are then measured on a cumulative bases over an infinite period of time so once you reach the 3rd tier you’ll
always enjoy the lowest pricing, permanently.2
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Quantity Price / Person Quantity Price / Person Quantity Price / Person
Black Belt 1 to 25 $495 26 to 50 $395 Over 50 $295
Green Belt 1 to 100 $395 101 to 200 $295 Over 200 $195
Yellow Belt 1 to 200 $195 201 to 400 $95 Over 400 $45
OSSS Turnkey eLearning Solutions