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My name is Jennifer Holbus, 

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt &

President of My Six Sigma Trainer.

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Training as a Six Sigma Belt can be one of the most rewarding undertakings of your business & career! 


► My Story ◄ 

I struggled with getting promotions early in my career at General Electric (GE).

I watched as my coworkers received promotions I wanted even though I knew I was far more qualified.

You might be going through that right now as well.

Isn't it frustrating to see your co-workers get promotions that you know you deserve?

That's when I decided to figure out why they received the promotions I wanted.

After talking to them I found the only real difference was that they had their Six Sigma Green or Black Belt Certification.

That's when I decided to get my Six Sigma Black Belt and I went to work.

It wasn't easy, but as I went through the training, my skills increased, and my managers started to notice.

When I earned my Black Belt I was so proud I put the certificate up in my office and I told everyone ...

I do mean everyone.

The Starbucks guy had no clue why I was so excited, but my co-workers did.

When I applied for my next promotion, I received it, the one after that and so on.

I became so good at my job my managers thought I was superwoman.

At one point ... I was making more money than my manager.

Honestly, getting my Black Belt changed my life.

if you get yours it will change your life too.

► WHAT I DO ◄ 

  • IASSC Accredited Lean Six Sigma Training Organisation helping project management project pass the Lean Six Sigma Certification Exam in 6 months or less & complete one or two projects in 6 to 12 months.
  • Creating unstoppable momentum in their careers & building confidence in their systems & processes.
  • I work with them to master Lean Six Sigma & Leadership skills so they can achieve ROI in their initiatives by reducing variability, improving productivity & eliminating waste in their business processes.
  • I help project professionals transition from managers to leaders faster so they can have a greater impact in the workplace.
  • I work with them to master essential technical & soft skills so they can get bigger roles, higher salaries without working harder, gain critical problem-solving skills, get more credibility & stand out with your employers. 
  • My Six Sigma Trainer is an IASSC Accredited (closely aligned with ASQ) Lean Six Sigma Training Organisation helping individuals & corporate groups ...
  • * Get trained
  • * Pass a Lean Six Sigma Certification Exam
  • * Scope, select and complete a process improvement project in 3 months to 12 months.


  • My Six Sigma Trainer is a leader in online Lean Six Sigma training and technology, enables individuals and organizations of all sizes to advance their performance by delivering powerful, scalable tools for process improvement

* Online (self-paced & live-virtual)
* Live In-Person

* Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification ... 
     * Yellow Belt
     * Green Belt
     * Black Belt
* Lean Training 
* Online (self-paced & live-virtual), 
* Group training
* Corporate onsite training
* Change Acceleration (CAP)
* Rapid Process Improvement (WORKOUT)

Coaching ... 
* Virtual Black Belt Mentor
* Six Sigma & Lean Project Coaching 
* Change Management Coaching
* Rapid Process Improvement (GE-Workout) Training/Coaching

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