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Hi. This is Jennifer Holbus. President of The Holbus Training & Consulting Group.

Teaching & Applying The Lean Six Sigma “DMAIC” Framework is my life’s work… in 5 phases.

It’s brought success to me, my clients, and thousands of consultants and fortune 500 companies who have wisely taken the time to learn this framework.

If you’re not 100% sure who I am…

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been slugging it out on the front lines of the corporate world, working with some of the most successful companies, managers and teams in corporate America.

I started with nothing — no mentors, no business experience, no idea at all what to do — and I figured it all out by making every mistake possible, and learning my lessons.

My decades-long “school of hard knocks” included working with and for some of the greatest managers and mentors in corporate…

… and leading projects for some of the world’s largest and most successful fortune 500 companies, including General Electric Company.

So when I gained some honest notoriety as one of the hottest Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Project Leaders in my field, it was because I earned it.

And you know what? While I was figuring out how to solve problems and make my managers happy through killer projects…

… I also discovered a simple way to teach others how to do the same thing for themselves.

For about 4 years now, I’ve been teaching rookies, consultants and executives the stunning framework to finally do everything needed to persuade managers to pay attention to you, and to get you on their teams.


My students and clients include many of the top project leaders in fortune 500 companies that are household names… including many of the more well-known “Six Sigma Companies” out there.

If you take a quick look at the Wall of Testimonials (on the bottom of this page), you’ll see professionals freely giving me credit for helping them.


I’ve also personally taught some of the most stubborn and hard-to-coach people you can imagine… and transformed them from struggling to transforming businesses… into cost-saving powerhouses.


I remember this like it was yesterday.


It was 2002, and I was working as a Senior Staff Accountant at the liquor company Joseph E. Seagram & Sons in Delray Beach, Florida.


It was a great role; I started as an intern and had invested the last 6 years working my butt off.


Long story short, my company was being sold and I couldn’t escape the feeling that I had just wasted 6 years of my life building a career that could end at any moment.


It was then that the new owners, Diageo, offered me the opportunity as a Financial Systems Analyst. After working on the Y2K project, I was pretty sure that financial systems & process improvements were going to be my sweet spot.


It was a very exciting offer and I knew it would be great for my career. Considering I was able to convince my employers to pay $150,000 for the MBA I had just completed.... I would be able to put that to work.


The only downside, giving me some anxiety, was I had to pack up my family and move to Connecticut.


And ... as you know, the cost of living in Connecticut is about 3 times higher than Florida's and my new salary did not compare.


So …


We arrived in Connecticut with a great role but not enough money to meet all our expenses …  including moving furniture from Florida to Connecticut.


My family and I were sleeping on the floor for several months but I knew what I wanted and nothing was going to stop me.


Then, A few months later …


to make matters worse, I was told that I would be laid off in a few weeks.


I was devastated!


This was supposed to be the big move that would change my career for good and I didn’t have anything to show for it.


That's when I got the call from GE that totally turned my life around.


I accepted a role as a Senior Financial Analyst with GE Capital in Norwalk, CT.


This was a big deal …


Back then, GE had over 300,000 employees worldwide with about 180 billion dollars in revenue.


The one thing I knew was that I needed to get in there, learn everything I could quickly and figure out how to get on the fast track so I could start moving and make more money.


I was working long hours, meeting all my goals and delivering on my projects, but I wasn’t getting promoted as fast as I wanted.


I did some checking and I soon figured out that the folks that were getting promoted all had ONE thing in common.


They had their Six Sigma Green or Black Belt certifications.


Six Sigma is a part of the DNA of GE.  That’s one of the things that made the company so successful back in the Jack Welch era.




I decided to get my Black Belt certification and I went to work.


Listen, I'm not going to say anything here that I wouldn't say to my brother.


I am sharing my story with you  ... and what I lived through without self-interest ... I'm just giving advice here.


You are welcome to buy my Six Sigma course or do your own research and buy from someone else.


But... whatever you do, just do it!


Because I'm telling you ... if you want to stand out and get noticed at work, Six Sigma is the way to do it.


You may be going through some similar challenges right now. Putting out fires all day everday, working long hours and feeling stuck.


I want you to know that if I could do it … you can do it too.


Getting my Black Belt certification wasn't easy, but as I went through the training, my problem-solving skills increased, and my managers started to notice.


When I earned my certification, I was so proud ...


I put my certificate up in my office and I told everyone...


I do mean everyone.


The Starbucks guy had no clue why I was so excited, but my co-workers did.


When I applied for my next promotion, I received it, the one after that and so on.


I became so good at my job my managers thought I was superwoman.


By the time I left GE... I was making so much money, I was making more money than some of my managers.


Getting my Black Belt Certification totally changed my life.